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Once Cloud Launcher has deployed Sense Traffic Pulse… Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to your instance to use the application.

After your Cloud instance has been created you will be provided with the credentials to login

Click on the Instance e.g. [intelligent-video-analytics-on-google-cloud-p-vm]

Set Windows password

Copy New Windows password

Click RDP



Run with PowerShell

Located on the DESKTOP are several live sample camera feeds and Folder labeled Sense Traffic Pulse Files which contain sample scripts of live streams of Las Vegas cameras.  Right Click on the PS1 files and choose Run with PowerShell to execute the scripts.
Select Yes [Y] to confirm Execution Policy Change.  In a few seconds Windows will appear with live streams for testing and getting familiar with the application.


We recommend that you click on the Windows Task View icon on the Taskbar and it will display all or your open windows.

Then pick a window and select your Regions of Interest within that window by simple selecting four (4) areas within that window to form a rectangle shape. Movement of objects with your selected regions of Interest will be counted. The still images will be recorded and saved if you press the (R) on your keyboard.

We have included the startup bat to get you familiar with the program. We have include it on your desktop in so you can edit the .bat file with a text editor like notepad.  This will give you the script format of how to load your own custom camera feeds of live of recorded video streams of video files in which you may have stored on your local computer or in the cloud e.g. Amazon AWS S3, Google storage, etc.


  1. If you use a link to a cloud stored video file use the http:// versus https:// format. 
  2. When using Start each camera stream is controlled by it’s own command prompt window you can optionally leave off the Start [start cmr mmsh:// cmrparams.txt].
  3. You can load each camera stream or video file individually or one by one.

Okay, have fun in exploring how you can use the application on your videos created from your security cameras, smartphones and live video feeds in which you can gain excess.

Should you encounter errors or require additional help please email us at

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